Turkey, like other countries, is home to multiple Apple outlets and is ahead in the race when it comes to housing the most attractive phones. But now, unfortunately, all the Apple products including the iPhones will not see the day of light as Turkey is planning to ban all of the products.
In his speech, Turkey’s president Recep Erdogan stated that the country will be moving towards boycotting all the products. The leader made it clear that US electronics, goods will soon have sanctions on them. According to reports, Erdogan said, “If they have iPhone, there is Samsung on the other side.”  The reports further state that Turkey has not retaliated against the sanctions which the US has imposed on the country. The sanctions were imposed because of an American pastor who is facing terrorism charges against him. However, Turkey is not planning to ban all the foreign brands, but the president was seen urging the citizens to increase the consumption of local products. 
On the work front, Apple is gearing up for some new launches in the market, but the launch dates are still not ascertained.