Pakistan is supplying sniper rifles to terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir who now pose with the acquired guns in propaganda videos and pictures circulated in the State.

The photos accessed by MyNation (featured above) reveal how the Pakistan Army wants to equip terrorists with weapons to further Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s credo of “bleeding India with a thousand cuts”.

The photos clearly show how Pakistan is providing long-range sniper guns to terror outfits operating in Jammu and Kashmir. These weapons are meant to target security force personnel in the Valley from long distances.

The guns that appear in the photos are similar to the British-origin L42A1 Enfield, which the Pakistan Army has procured from England for keeping its borders safe, but are being used to spread terror in Kashmir. These weapons could pose a serious threat to the security forces working in the Valley as these have an effective range of 730 m.

"The sniper may be British-origin L42A1 Enfield, which has been procured by Pakistan with modifications. The photo of the terrorist holding it, however, does not match it completely." Army sources said.