Hong Kong: The activists in the specially administered region in Hong Kong have suspended their protests on Wednesday, which marks the anniversary of the September 11 attack in the United States.

Hong Kong was rocked by violent unrest that was prompted over planned legislation to allow extraditions to China.

The Hong Kong edition of the China Daily took to Facebook and said, "Anti-government fanatics are planning massive terror attacks, including blowing up gas pipes, in Hong Kong on September 11."

Reacting to this post by the China Daily,  a 24-year-old protestor said, "We don't even need to do a fact check to know that this is fake news. The state media doesn't care about its credibility. Whenever they hear anything on WhatsApp or through friends' friends, they will spread it right away."

According to reports, a statement released by the activists said, "In solidarity against terrorism, all forms of protest in Hong Kong will be suspended on September 11, apart from potential singing and chanting."

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Over the past few days, several youths and students hit the streets to stage a protest against the withdrawal of the extradition bill. The protests, however, turned violent when the Hong Kong Police jumped into action to disperse the crowd.

Several tranquil protests are planned for the next few days, combining with celebrations marking the Mid-Autumn Festival.