Prime Minister Narendra Modi met US President Donald Trump on the sidelines of the G7 Summit in France's Biarritz on Monday. India and Pakistan should work together for the welfare of the people of the two nations, PM Modi said. Trump was in agreement.

 Narendra Modi said, all issues between India and Pakistan are bilateral in nature, and that there was no need for mediation by a third country. We (India and the US) can both work together.

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Modi added that this is an important meeting with “friend” Donald Trump and the oldest democracy (US).

Stating that India is the oldest democracy, PM Modi remarked that Trump had congratulated him on winning the election.

The PM also said that Trump had stated that in the field of economy, the two countries are in constant talks and that India places due consideration of US suggestions.

“India and US can work together. We have common values which can help the world. India and the US are two countries which have shared democratic values since the start. We have welcomed suggestions of US on many issues including trade," says PM Modi

Acknowledging the participation of the Indian diaspora in the US to the country’s progress, the PM Modi thanked the people and administration of US.

Donald Trump said that it is great to be with PM Narendra Modi. “India is an incredible country and he is an incredible man”. He added that discussions on trade and military issues were held during their meeting.

"PM Modi told me that the Kashmir situation is under control," said US President Donald Trump and added, “We have spoken about trade, military, many different things. I learnt a lot about India, a fascinating place”.

However, given the number of questions that Trump took on Indo-China trade, it is quite evident that India was not the topmost priority for the US in terms of trade.

"China is run by a great leader. He wants to do something. We'll make a deal with China," said US President Donald Trump, when questioned about the troubled trade relations with China.