In a horrible incident of revenge killing, an angry mob in Papua province, Indonesia slaughtered nearly 300 crocodiles, which are a protected species in the region, on 14 July.

The killing happened after a villager, who was looking for grass to feed his livestock near an enclosure at a crocodile farm, fell into it before being killed by one of the reptiles.

Here are the main highlights of the shocking event:

1) The 48-year-old victim, who was identified as Sugito, was bitten by a crocodile and then stuck with its tail.

2) The villagers, following Sugito’s funeral, decided to avenge his death. According to police reports, they were angry over the farm's location near a residential area.

3) Though the farm promised a compensation, the mob decided to take the matter into their own hands and marched to the farm with knives, machetes and shovels.

4) Two hundred and ninety-two crocodiles, from four-inch-long babies to two-metre adults, were slaughtered.

5) Videos circulated online showed people dragging the creatures, attacking with machetes and shovels.

6) Photos of crocodile corpses piled up were also shared, making people cringe at the bloody sight.

7) Police and conservation agency officials tried to stop the mob but were outnumbered. Currently, the incident is under investigation and criminal charges might be laid.