Seoul: Whichever part of the world you live in, whatever may be your cultural inclination, divorce is still looked down upon and makes for good gossip, despite us calling the world a progressive and modern one.

However, there is a change in the thought process with each passing generation. The recent divorce of Korean actors Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyu has again proved that divorce can be easily accepted. It is true more in the sense of people surrounding them (including fans) than the couple, after all it is hard on the people who have to go through it.

Popularly known as the Song Song couple, both were loved immensely by fans. When the Descendants of the Sun (popular Korean drama) actors announced their wedding in October 2017, they became the favourite couple in the country.

From advertisements to new projects both stars were showered with abundant blessings.

But the fairy tale seemed to change overnight, when Song Joong Ki announced that he had applied for divorce from Hye Kyu on July 26. The following day the actress confirmed the news with an announcement through her agency.

Reports of the stars cheating on each other spread like wildfire, whereas, the couple had not spoken a word about their personal life. While Joong Ki said that it was best not to pick on each other’s mistakes, Hye Kyu said they had personality differences.

Till date, the reason for their separation remains a mystery.

But the decision has proved to be a curse to actor Joong Ki as he has been told to abstain from making public appearances. There is news of him having to dig deep into his pockets as advertisers have overlooked him for endorsements. But hardcore fans of Joong Ki remain loyal to the actor and that seems to be the only solace for the actor.

Joong Ki, one of the versatile actors of the generation has been facing the heat while Hye Kyu still remains the favourite of advertisers and fans. 

Apart from a meeting with friends, Joong Ki has remained out of the public eye post the announcement.

Moreover, the makers of Joong Ki's Arthdal Chronicles (series on Netflix) blamed the dropping ratings of the series to Joong Ki's divorce announcement.

This has prompted agencies to include a divorce clause in the contracts of the actors. Accordingly, actors will not be permitted to utter a word about their divorce till their commitment to the project is complete.

True that celebrities gain a lot from the public. On the downside, they are put in a tough spot as they have to consider many of these factors before committing to anyone or exiting out of a relationship.

While marriage remains a fairy tale concept for celebrities, divorce remains a taboo and a curse for actors who will know need to think twice more before they mix their personal lives with their career.