Chennai: An Indian-origin couple in the US was granted bail on Thursday after being arrested for allegedly neglecting their six-month-old daughter. 

Prakash Settu and Mala Paneerselvam from Tamil Nadu were arrested on September 7 after they took their daughter Himisha to a hospital in Florida, complaining of a swollen arm.

The hospital authorities suspected child abuse upon seeing the swollen arm and the parents’ hesitation on running ‘expensive tests’. They then informed Child Protective Services, who have now taken custody of both Himisha and her twin brother. 

Despite the couple’s bail, the government said that it would keep the children under US Child Protective Services, with no parental access. 

Friends and family of the couple have said that the duo had enquired about the expensive medical tests because they could not afford it and their insurance would not bear the expenses. That was misconstrued as neglect by the authorities.

The couple has denied all allegations of child abuse.

Mala’s mother has urged the authorities to let her keep the children since she is the grandmother. She also said that keeping the children apart from their biological parents is a sin.

The hospital, Florida Health Children's Medical Services, said that the couple denied the doctors to perform a skeletal survey and tried to run away with their daughter without conducting proper tests.

The Ministry of External Affairs is in touch with US authorities in this regard.