Melbourne: A 32-year-old Indian-origin dentist was found dead with stab wounds in Australia, days after she went missing from Sydney's busiest area under mysterious circumstances, police said on Wednesday.

Preethi Reddy's body was found stuffed in a suitcase in her car parked in an eastern Sydney street, New South Wales Police said.

Her ex-boyfriend also died in what seems to be a road accident, but police suspect that it was deliberate.

Reddy was last seen waiting in line at McDonald's in George Street on Sunday, the police said.

On Tuesday, police officials, reportedly, found her car parked in Strachan Lane in Kingsford. Inside the car, they found her body in a suitcase.She had multiple stab wounds on her body.

Reddy and her ex-boyfriend stayed in a hotel in Market Street in Sydney's CBD on Sunday, officials said.

She was attending a dental conference in St Leonards at the weekend and spoke to her family for the last time at around 11 AM on Sunday.

She told them that she would head home after breakfast, and when she failed to return, her family contacted police.

NSW Police described Reddy's disappearance as "out of character" and said there were serious concerns of her welfare.

Her work colleagues said they were "terrified" and had been unable to sleep since her disappearance.

"It's devastating, and this is completely out of character," dental assistant Chelsea Holmes of Glenbrook Dental Surgery was quoted as saying by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

"We got a call on Monday asking if she had turned up to work and now we are just hoping and none of us have been able to sleep.

"I spoke to her last Thursday and it was 'see you next week' and completely normal," she said adding "Now I am just praying she will be found," Holmes said.

The NSW police said they were appealing for information in relation to her whereabouts.

When she spoke to her family last, she said that  she was planning to head home after a heavy breakfast.

She was reported missing to Nepean Police Area Command later that night after she failed to arrive home, police added.

She was captured on CCTV inside the restaurant and appeared to leave alone a short time later.

Meanwhile, Dr Reddy’s current partner, Sunny Vemula, took to Facebook to post a photo of the couple with message: “I’ll see you again one day … and we’ll continue where we left off my angel,” Vemula wrote.

Vemula on march 4 posted a plea on Facebook “URGENT — Super worried. Do any of my dental friends (especially IAADENT ones) know the whereabouts of my Preethi Reddy please? She was last heard of Sunday 3rd March morning in Sydney and should have been home within a few hours but has not turned up yet. Her family and I are very concerned for her safety.”