Houston: Prime Minister Narendra Modi made an entry into the NRG Stadium in Houston through the sounds of "Howdy Modi!" Prime Minister Narendra Modi Meg with the US lawmakers after his grand entry. Large number of supporters gathered to watch Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump as Howdy Modi event kicked off in Houston on September 22. In case you missed the grand event, here are the highlights.

US representative Steny Hoyer welcomed PM Modi:

US representative extended a warm welcome to PM Modi, quoted Mahatma Gandhi to draw parallels between America and India. "President Bush strengthened the ties of the two nations, President Obama solidified it and President Trump continues it," he said, further adding that India and America are working in a way that no one could have imagined ten years ago.

PM Modi unabashedly batted for Trump:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi introduced US President Donald Trump as one of the greatest leaders. "We have met a few times and everytime he has been the same, friendly, warm, energetic. I admire him for his sense of leadership, a passion for America, a concern for every American and a strong resolve to make America great again!"

Trump sent a strong anti-terrorism message:

"Border security is vital to the United States and to India. We are taking steps to stop illegal immigration from our southern border. Illegal immigration is unfair to those legal immigrants," said Trump. "My administration is working towards taking care of Americans first, be it Indian Americans, Hispanic American," added Trump. 

President Trump hailed India:

"India has lifted 300 million people out of poverty," stated Trump while mentioning that jobs have been created in large numbers for Texas. "Unemployment in the USA has reached the lowest in years," added Trump. 

President Trump hailed PM Modi:

President Trump once again hailed PM Modi as his good friend and thanked the crowd for being there.

"PM Modi is nothing":

"PM Modi is nothing without his people. So when you guys ask me 'Howdy Modi', then my answer is that in India, everything is fine," stated PM Modi. 

"Everything is fine," stated PM Modi in Gujarati, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada. He further clarified to his American friends that he said the same thing in different languages, which is reflective of the diversity in India. 

PM Modi hinted at abrogations of Articles 370, 35A:

"Among several other things that we bid farewell to, we also bid farewell to Articles 370, 35A," said PM Modi, in a bid to eradicate terrorism. Now Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh have the same status that the rest of India enjoys.

"The discrimination that the people faced there are now over,” he added.

PM Modi on economy:

"The corporate tax cuts have received good feedback. With President Donald Trump's vision, America will scale greated heights. President calls me a tough negotiater but I'm learning from him,” Modi said. “India has been growing at an average of 7.5%, despite several impediments.. Such a feat has never been achieved. Today India is one of the many FDI countries,” he added.

PM Modi, Trump joined hands for a walk:

Prime Minister Modi and Donald Trump, took a walk across the NRG Stadium to wave to those who gathered at the venue.