Hong Kong: Hong Kong plunged into chaos a second day in succession as flights departing the airport were disrupted.

As the chaos continued, Hong Kong’s stock market fell to its worst in a period of seven months.

The unrest in the region is because protesters have been demanding freedom and autonomy as the citizens feel they are being eroded by Chief Executive of Hong Kong Carrie Lam.

At 4: 30 on Tuesday (August 13) evening, it was reported that operations related to check-ins were suspended. Reports said that thousands of black-clad protesters jammed the terminal and sang and waved banners.

BBC News reported that before the cancellations, images from inside the airport appeared to show protesters using luggage trolleys to build barriers and some travellers becoming distressed at the disruption.

“Take a minute to look at our city, our home. Can we bear to push it into the abyss and see it smashed to pieces?” said Lam.

The protests demanding democracy in Hong Kong intensified as a bill, now suspended, allows the extradition of suspects to mainland China.

Demonstrators are displaying banner that reads, “Sorry for the inconvenience, we are fighting for the future of our home.”

When China took back Hong Kong from the clutches of the British in 1997, the principle that was adopted was “One country, two systems”. As per this arrangement, Hong Kong was promised its autonomy.

On the issue of operations getting suspended in Hong Kong airport is concerned, many passengers were hit hard by it, and even took on some protesters. But these protesters were not the ones to be bogged down by it as they used a Chinese term “Hong Kong people – add oil” which is used as a term of encouragement.