Islamabad: A group of men on Sunday (September 15), over allegations of blasphemy, attacked a Hindu teacher and vandalised a temple in Pakistan's Sindh province.

It is reportedly said that violence broke out in Pakistan's Sindh province after a school principal from the minority Hindu community was booked on charges of alleged blasphemy.

It is alleged that the teacher had uttered derogatory remarks against the Prophet of Islam. The complaint was filed by Abdul Aziz Rajput, a student's father. 

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The angered protestors vandalised the school and three Hindu temples.

However, according to a report by India Today, trouble began after a Hindu principal was selected to run the school. The principal was also accused of fake blasphemy. Religious extremists vandalised the school in the presence of Police.

Following the incident, several activists and journalists took to Twitter and shared footage of the riots and appealed to the Sindh government to protect the minority Hindu community.




Reports further claimed that people from the Hindu community of the area were forced to remain indoors due to the riots.