New York: An Indian origin restaurateur has been the latest victim of yet another hate crime in the US, as he was racially targeted by a customer who said that he probably ‘funded the Al Qaida’ by eating at his restaurant.

Taj Sardar, owner of ‘The Kings Diner’ in Kentucky was racially attacked after a man posted racial slurs on social media, shortly after eating at his restaurant.

The Facebook post included a photograph of the restaurant and read, “I reluctantly entered to order meatloaf special and was greeted by a tribe from India. I'm ashamed that I probably just funded Al-Qaida".

According to reports, Sardar was shocked and he voiced his concern by saying, “I was like hopefully his backers don't try to get together and push me out of this place where I've been living since 2010”.

Ever since the incident, the restaurant has seen more and more people come in, to extend their support to Sardar.

Sardar has complained about the racist incident to the police and he says that he fears his family’s safety.

Ashland city Mayor Steve Gilmore said, “After what he went through, I wanted to tell him, we're very proud you're one of our entrepreneurs in the city of Ashland and your reputation is sterling. What he went through was pretty heavy stuff, and this morning I wanted to show him we're proud of having him in our community”.

City commissioners have come out to say that ‘there is no room for racist behaviour and comments’.

The perpetrator, an employee of Portsmouth Emergency Ambulance Services, has been relieved of his duties from his job. The company, in a public statement, said that they apologise on behalf of the man to everyone who was offended and that they do not agree with his behaviour in any way.