The French government on Friday stated that France has decided to freeze the assets held by the JeM chief Azhar. The French interior ministry, foreign and finance ministries jointly issued a statement saying they would consider putting Masood Azhar on the European Union list of people suspected of terrorism.

The statement issued by France stated that the Jaish-e-Mohammad had claimed responsibility for the Pulwama attack which claimed the lives of more than 40 soldiers. Therefore, under the Monetary and Financial code, France has made the decision to freeze Azhar's assets.

France also said they would raise the matter with the European Union to place JeM chief in a list of groups, people and entities involved in terrorism. The US, the UK and France had initiated the move to list Azhar as a global terrorist after the Pulwama attack.

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11 nations have supported the move, with the excepition of China who chose to veto the move for the fourth time. It was reported that seven out of the eleven countries are part of the United Nations Security Council, four of which are permanent members. The other four are eminent nations not a part of the Council.

The Indian Ministry of External Affairs issued statements thanking the nations for their support in the initiative. The ministry also expressed disappointment at China’s block and called China "an extended arm of Pakistan on international issue".

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