Christchurch: If one needed an example of how the Christchurch attack has led to a 'liberal' cover-up, one need not look any further. Hotel Mumbai, a movie based on the ghastly 26/11 Terror Attacks in Mumbai by terrorists from Pakistan, has been removed from theatres in New Zealand. This decision was taken after the Christchurch Mosque shootings by a White supremacist, which led to the death of 50 people.

NZ Herald reported, “After consultation with local exhibition partners, the decision was made to suspend the film out of respect for a country in mourning,” quoting a press release by Icon Film Distribution announcing the suspension.

In 2008, Mumbai came under a series of simultaneous attacks in Taj hotel, Trident Hotel and CST railway station where 174 was killed. The movie is based on these horrific attacks that shook the world. It narrates the tale of victims and survivors of the 26/11 attack at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai. The movie is not only about horror and violence but also of humanity and duty. It shows how the hotel staff risked their lives to keep everyone safe. 

Oscar Nominated actor Dev Patel features in this intense thriller. The movie has been depicted as  “harrowing” and “haunting” and had already hit No 2 at the New Zealand weekend Box Office, just short of number one spot. The movie is touted to be one of the best and most hauntingly realistic portrayals of the terror attack that was perpetrated by attackers from Pakistan. 

But New Zealand rushing to block the movie following the horrific Christchurch incident only goes to show the liberal's panache for political correctness, even if it comes at the cost of suppressing another truth. 

If 50 were murdered in the Christchurch Mosque Shootings which occurred on the 15th of March, 26/11 left 174 dead after a 60-hour siege of the city. While the terrorist live-streamed his actions on the internet, the sole terrorist responsible for 26/11 Ajmal Kasab was caught in CCTV footage readying his AK47 before firing the bullets on unsuspecting guests. Both are unfortunate and unacceptable. So how does suppressing the truth of 26/11 help New Zealand in expressing solidarity with Christchurch victims?