A weather forecast presenter, Cecile Djunga, in Belgium posted an emotional video detailing online racist attacks on her which quickly went viral. In the five-minute video, posted on Facebook, received more than half-a-million views and changed people's minds about racism in Belgium, Djunga said.

"Being told to 'go back to your country' is not funny. I am Belgian. I am already in my country," she added, close to tears. Djunga said while she received abuse because of the colour of her skin, many other people were subject to vicious attacks online.

"There are people who are fat, who are Muslim, who are Arab, who are ginger, who wear glasses... anyone can be persecuted on social media, this has to stop. Online harassment really affects you," said Djunga, who is also a comedian.

The head of RTBF Jean-Paul Philippot said that the broadcaster supported Djunga and was angered by the abuse that she had received.

"Racism is a crime. It is punishable by law in Belgium," he said.