Islamabad: Asia Bibi or Asia Noreen, who was acquitted by the country’s Supreme Court on Tuesday after being convicted for insulting the Prophet Muhammad in 2010 and sentenced to death, has started to get international support.

After Bibi’s husband, citing danger to his family, appealed to US President Donald Trump for refuge, several countries have come forward to help her.

Here is a list of countries, which have extended support:

Italy: The country’s foreign ministry said that it is coordinating with other countries to ensure safety for Asia and said it was ready to act on whatever the Italian government might decide.

Italy's anti-migrant interior minister Matteo Salvini also said that he would do “all that is humanly possible" for Asia.

Canada: Foreign minister, Chrystia Freeland, on Tuesday, said that Asia's safety was a central priority for the government.

"Canada calls on Pakistan to take all measures necessary to ensure the safety and security of Asia Bibi and her family... Canada is prepared to do everything we can,” Freeland said.

Germany: A lawmaker in German chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative party, on Tuesday, called for Germany to grant Asia refuge.

Netherlands: Asia’s Pakistani lawyer Saiful Mulook had already been forced to flee to the Netherlands.

Thousands of people in Pakistan, including members of the ultra-right Tehreek-e-Labaik (TLP) party, took to the streets to protest against the court’s verdict and even called for the murder of the judges who acquitted Asia.

The protesters shut down major roads in several cities of Pakistan, torched vehicles and called Prime Minister Imran Khan and the country's army chief enemies of Islam after Imran had asked the hardliners not to "confront the state" and refrain from vandalism on Wednesday.