Several parts of the world are being ravaged by a number of calamities lately. Be it the Indonesian earthquake or Athens wildfire, disasters like these cause extreme damage to life and property. 

Also, such natural calamities make us realise how insignificant we are in front of the wrath of the nature. With no amount of technology or invention, we humans can ever overcome nature and its course. 

Here are few natural calamities that are ravaging different parts of the world today:

Myanmar flood (MAYANMAR)

The Disaster Management Department of Myanmar today said that at least five people have been killed and over 95,000 people have been displaced following severe flooding in seven states and regions during the past week.

Kyushu typhoon (JAPAN)

At least 24 people have been injured after a weakened typhoon travelled over Japan's Kyushu island, after passing through western regions on Sunday.

California wildfire (US)

Thousands of people fled their homes after California wildfires engulfed acres and acres of land.

Big Island Volcano (HAWAII)

Hawaiian Volcano Observatory said that a collapse-explosion event occurred on Sunday at the Kilauea volcano summit. The event had energy equivalent to a magnitude-5.4 earthquake. 

Carolina flash flood (US)

People in northeastern Dare County alerted about a possible flash flood after National Weather Service recorded a rainfall of 3 to 5 inches. Other places which can experience flooding are Kill Devil Hills, Nags Head, Manteo, Colington and Whalebone and other surrounding areas.

Delhi rainfall (INDIA)

After heavy rainfall in Delhi, water level of Yamuna river has risen and crossed the danger mark. Twenty-seven passenger trains have been cancelled and seven trains diverted after the Old Yamuna Bridge was shutdown.