Washington: On Wednesday morning, a number of Amazon customers posted screenshots of an email that they received from the company on social media. The mail stated that their email IDs and names had been leaked due to a technical error. Addressing the glitch, the mail said that the error was not the fault of the customer and that there was no need for a password change.

Exposure of emails and names could lead to hackers attempting to reset accounts or make them prone to phishing attacks. Thus many have questioned why the company would not ask affected customers to change password.

Amazon has declared that the error has been fixed. However, the multi-ecommerce has not given any information on how many customers were affected, how long the information was exposed or where or which platform did it occur. As per CNBC, Amazon spokesperson mentioned that website and systems were not breached.                  

Customers also noted that the website link sent to them on mail was not secure.