Airstrikes on terror sites in Gaza: Retaliation for Tel Aviv attack
First Published 15, Mar 2019, 9:45 AM IST
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Airstrikes on terror sites in Gaza: Retaliation for Tel Aviv attack

The Israeli military early Friday announced it had launched airstrikes on "terror sites in Gaza", a retaliatory move after rockets blamed on the militant group Hamas were fired on Tel Aviv.

The launch of airstrikes on "terror sites in Gaza" was announced by the Israeli defence forces (IDF). The move was in retaliation against militant group Hamas who were blamed for firing rockets at Tel Aviv.

The Israeli military forces in the early hours of Friday tweeted - " we have just started striking terror sites in Gaza. Details to follow". 


The Associated Press reported that strikes were taking place in Khan Younis, estimated to be about 15 miles from Gaza. No injuries were reported. Quoting the Palestinian media, the Press also reported that a Hamas Naval Base was the target.

Rocket alert sirens were issued in the Eshkol region and it was later confirmed by the military that the rockets set off towards Tel Aviv were from Gaza and launched by the Hamas group.

It was also clarified that one of the rockets launched had been successfully intercepted by the Israeli military's aerial defence system.  

Although Hamas and other smaller groups denied the responsibility of the attack initially, it was confirmed that the rockets were launched from the Gaza strip controlled by Hamas. Israeli media had reported that one of the rockets launched were a part of the Iron Dome missile defence system, a part of the military. This claim was denied by the IDF and said the rocket might have landed in the sea or on open land.

Residents of the area reported hearing an explosion along with the alert sirens. No damages and casualties have been reported as yet. Further developments awaited.