The God of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar, who loves cars with his favourites being BMW i8, BMW 750Li M Sport, BMW M5 and even Maruti 800, is now showing his first driverless car? which can park on its own.

Yes, you heard it right! Sachin shared a video on his Twitter account where he is sitting on the co-passenger seat, explaining that the car has started even though there is no driver.

Tendulkar posted, "Thrilling experience to witness my car park itself in my garage. It felt like Mr. India (@AnilKapoor) had taken control! I'm sure the rest of the weekend will be as exciting with my friends."

Sachin said, "I hope I am not sitting next to Mr India." He further said, "We are going to try and park the car here." He also revealed that this is his first driverless parking car, before shouting, "That's amazing," as the car parked itself inside his garage.

FYI: Mr India is the invisible character in the Bollywood film that was played by actor Anil Kapoor.

The actor soon joined in and replied, “Mr India always parks like a pro! ?? This driverless parking technology is amazing! @sachin_rt (sic).”

The short 41-second video clip has already received over 4,463 retweets and 60,051 likes since being posted.