In a powerful demonstration of teamwork, a video capturing train passengers pushing a coach to safety has gone viral, showcasing the spirit of Bihar. The incident took place at Kiul Junction in Lakhisarai, Bihar, where several men worked together to move a train coach amidst cheers and applause.

This extraordinary event unfolded on June 6, when a section of the Patna-Jharkhand passenger train caught fire near Kiul Junction railway station. Quick action from passengers, railway officials, and locals helped detach the unaffected coaches from the burning ones and push them to safety.

The heartwarming moment was caught on camera and shared widely on social media platforms like X and Instagram. Many users expressed admiration for the spontaneous collaboration, with captions like "Bihar is not for beginners" accompanying the posts.

The fire, which caused significant damage to the ladies' coach, raised suspicions after a liquor bottle was found among the wreckage, according to reports.

Social media users praised the unity and resilience displayed by the passengers. One user marveled, "It's amazing to see people pushing a railway coach!" Another highlighted the power of unity, while others hailed it as a true example of teamwork. Overall, the incident left a lasting impression, with many describing it as unbelievable.