The Pune Porsche accident has become a significant case, capturing attention with each new development in the investigation. In May, a young boy, allegedly intoxicated and from a powerful family, crashed his speeding Porsche into a bike, resulting in the tragic deaths of two young professionals. 

This incident unraveled a complex web of attempted cover-ups, shocking revelations, arrests, and legal proceedings. The case has sparked widespread outrage across the country, with many demanding strict punishment for the accused. Amidst ongoing investigations, a satirical song about the Pune Porsche accident has gained traction on the internet.

Well-known radio jockey Malishka Mendonsa, hailing from Mumbai, used humor to criticize the handling of the case by the authorities while also narrating the sequence of events. 

Sharing a parody video on social media, she questioned the administration's response, stating, "Porsche belongs to whom? The father. But who owns justice? Waking up to the news that they have filed an FIR against a meme creator in the Pune Porsche case! Meanwhile, everything else seems like passing the buck. So, this song had to be made. What do you think? Do you believe justice will prevail in the Pune Porsche case?"

The video, posted on Saturday, June 1, received a flurry of supportive reactions from her followers. One user praised her, saying, "The best. Loved it!" Another commented, "Great job Mumbai Ki Rani!! Well done…"

Many users expressed their support for her bold stance, with one remarking, "More power to you…. Let’s continue to expose such disgraceful individuals…. Let not political pressure deter you from targeting more such cases." The video garnered over 600,000 likes.

Notably, this isn't the first instance of Malishka Mendonsa using parody songs to address civic issues. Previously, she mocked the BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) for its failure to maintain roads during the monsoon, which drew ire from the civic body. RedFM also shared the song on their YouTube channel, showcasing Malishka and her colleagues poking fun at the BMC over the potholes in Mumbai.