In India, weddings are often like big festivals, filled with elaborate decorations, delicious food, and extravagant celebrations. But a recent viral wedding video is changing that stereotype. Poorvi Bhat, a wellness influencer, shared her "zero waste" wedding, showcasing an eco-friendly approach to tying the knot.

In the video, Poorvi explained how she and her family organized the wedding to minimize waste. Instead of using fancy decorations, they opted for simple and traditional items like sugarcane stems for the mandap and mango leaves for decoration. Even the bride and groom's garlands were made from natural materials like cotton and flowers.

But it wasn't just the decorations that were eco-friendly. Poorvi served her guests on banana leaves and used reusable metal cutlery, avoiding single-use plastics. She even found a clever way to reuse water by redirecting it to the trees after guests washed their hands.

One of the most heartwarming gestures was the gifts for the guests. Instead of handing out disposable items, they used reusable jute bags, reducing waste even further.

In her caption, Poorvi thanked her family, especially her mother, for helping plan and organize the eco-friendly wedding. The video has garnered over 7.6 million views, with many praising Poorvi for her commitment to sustainability.

Among the comments was one from a wedding filmer who highlighted the issue of food wastage at weddings. They expressed gratitude for Poorvi's approach, showing that weddings can be both grand and environmentally friendly.

This viral wedding video is not just about a couple saying "I do," but also about saying "I do" to a more sustainable way of celebrating love. It serves as an inspiration for future brides and grooms to consider the environmental impact of their special day.