New Delhi: Having benefited immensely after giving up on animal protein since four months, India captain Virat Kohli is now “feeling stronger than ever”.

Kohli, who was once a foodie and loved his biryani, now follows a diet that includes vegetables, protein shakes and soya, excluding even dairy products and eggs. This shift has helped him immensely.

"Kohli started this diet about four months back and is feeling stronger owing to his digestive power having increased. Surprisingly, he isn't missing meat, eggs or dairy," sources told The Times of India.

The skipper's diet has also had a tranquil influence on his temperament and personality - the results of which is being showcased on the cricket field - both in his batting and leadership.

Besides Kohli, his actress wife Anushka Sharma had also shifted to being a vegetarian around the same time. But in Kohli's case, the change was planned well in advance.

"Two years ago when he was on a normal diet he had mentioned about his notion on going vegan if given the choice. He is now feeling stronger than ever," the newspaper report quoted sources as saying.

After leading India to a massive innings and 272-run victory over the West Indies in the first Test, Kohli and his teammates will be in action in the second and final Test of the series against the visitors from October 12 in Hyderabad.