Mumbai: The Australian players have of late refrained from sledging, which is perfectly fine with the Indian captain Virat Kohli, who is happy to compete "without any altercation" during the upcoming series Down Under.

Australian cricket is going through a massive restructuring and the "win at all costs" strategy employed by teams of yesteryears, is not being encouraged anymore.

Both Kohli and senior-most pacer Ishant Sharma felt that it is entirely up to the Australians as to how they play their cricket but assured that their players won't be the first ones to indulge in any kind of sledging.

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"I think that's (no sledging policy) a very personal thing for them. But when it comes to getting engaged in an argument on the field or a fight as people want to call it excitedly, I have been completely ok with playing without the altercation," Kohli told reporters at the pre-departure press conference.

Kohli, once criticised for his overtly aggressive behaviour said that he has passed that phase in his career and more matured as an individual.

"I am very happy within my own space, so on a personal level, I don't find any need to go and find these things anymore. I mean, I have enough belief in my abilities. I can play without a reason to pump myself up and those are very immature things that I used to feel during the early days of my career," the skipper said.

As the leader of the national team, he already has too much on his plate and can't afford to think about external matters of little or no consequence.

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"Now being the captain of the team, you have no room for anything else but to think of what the team wants all the time. So you don't find the need for these things at all and as you said they will not give it back," Kohli said.

However he reminded that his team has never started on anything and only reacted to situations.

"We were always the ones giving it back. We were never the ones starting anything. So as long as it does not start, we have no problem in just focussing on our game and doing what we need to do.

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"We don't necessarily need to go and look out for something. If they want to play a certain way, we will reciprocate in that way. That's how the game of cricket goes but at the same time, in our minds, we will have to keep it competitive and not let our energies drop. That will be our main focus," the skipper elaborated.

Senior pacer Ishant said that he didn't mind if Australians sledged like earlier tours because he has the ability to give it back if they start.

"Let's see what Aussies do. We will only come to know once we reach there. You don't expect them to be really friendly and this is a man's sport. You will go there and get tough conditions. When you play for your country, no one will give you easy runs or wickets. If it's a tough sport, then you got to be tough and up for any sort of challenge," Ishant said.

(With inputs from PTI)