For a man who ruled the Pakistani cricket pitch in the 1970, brought the World Cup Trophy home in 1992, he managed to rule the hearts of many women off the pitch as well, if years of testimonies and speculations are to be believed. Khan's contemporary Sunil Gavaskar had once quipped that he needed no charity match for his sustenance post-retirement; he just needed to auction Imran among women bidders.

Throughout the years, Imran Khan has remained the most enigmatic figure in Pakistani matrix with his stories delighting the media and readers alike. As much as he delighted the fans with his antics on the cricket field, his antics off field are no less.

Known to be not particularly in lucky in love, one is forced to look back to Imran Khan’s series of relationships or a lack of a stable one after his second wife, Reham Khan has written a bare-it-all book where she has controversially questioned Khan’s sexuality and accused him of assault, illicit affairs with prominent men and other relationships! Amidst such storm brewing, here is a look at the many times lady love has eluded the cricketer.

Benazir Bhutto

Young love found Imran Khan when he was living his Oxford days in the form of Benazir Bhutto. Their relationship was quite steady and they had considered future prospects as revealed by Christopher Sandford in his biography, Imran Khan. Sandford revealed that Khan’s mother was even insistent on getting the couple married.

Zeenat Aman

A tall youngster who was ruling the cricket pitch and a beauty who was setting the silver screen on fire; sparks were bound to fly! Zeenat Aman was the love interest of the cricketer in the 70s and 80s before the raging fire of the romance burnt out.

Karen Wishart

Imran Khan had a brief affair with a Karen Wishart during the time he was in Oxford! This affair however was very short lived.

Emma Sergeant 

The cricketer was in a relationship with the award-winning artist for four years.

Sita White

Amongst all his affairs that caught media attention, this one was the most for the precise reason that it ended as badly as it did! His involvement in the 1990s with the heiress caused him court battles and a paternity test which established him as the father of Tyrian White.

Jemima Goldsmith

Riding on the popularity wave after winning the World Cup in 1992, Khan met Jemina Goldsmith in 1993. She converted to Islam and moved to Pakistan and the couple got hitched in 1995. However, they split up 9 years and 2 children later.

Reham Khan

Imran Khan married BBC newswoman Reham Khan and while every one around them hoped that married life would suit Khan the second time, the couple split up on 2015, mere 10 months into the marriage! However, it is this relationship of his that is notable for courting controversy as the release of Reham Khan’s autobiography finds the cricketer in midst of a media storm.

Bushra Maneka

People say third time is a charm and evidently Imran Khan was also wishing for the same when he married his spiritual guide Bushra Maneka in February 2018. But it appears, love for the cricketer is not meant to be as there are reports of trouble in even this paradise.