Sri Reddy is back with another controversial allegation against actor Vishal, who is contesting for the post of general secretary of the South India Artists Association (SIAA).

A day before his nomination, Reddy put out a Facebook post in which she made serious allegations against the actor and called him a fraud. She said that Vishal had intimate relationships with many girls in his caravan (vanity van) and stated that she knows the person who provides girls to him.

On her Facebook page, Reddy has shocked many. A part of her post reads, “If you really have the courage, prove that you have never cheated any woman." She goes on to say, “Vishal is a cheat; I swear in the name of my mother and my profession, Vishal, even if you destroy my life or try to have me killed, I will say the same thing, you are a cheat."


She also stated many women have had to surrender to Vishal’s sexual demands to act in movies with him. “I know you pay money to have sex with women and I even know the person who supplies you with women," she added in her post.


Not just that, she also alleged that Vishal had paid sex with many girls. Reddy also commented on his private parts.

This is not the first time that Sri Reddy has named and shamed popular actors, producers and directors of the South Indian film industry on her Facebook page. Last year, she grabbed headlines, by going topless to protest the way women were being treated in the Telugu film industry.