Tamil superstar Rajinikanth’s daughter Soundarya recently received backlash for sharing a photo of her enjoying in a swimming pool with her son while Chennai remains parched.

On Sunday, Soundarya shared a picture of herself along with her son Ved posing in a swimming pool. She captioned it, "Teach them early ... and they learn to shine by themselves !!! #Swimming is an essential activity !! #TeachThemYoung #KeepThemActive #WaterFun #EnsureSafetyAlways #NeverLeaveThemAlone #Motherhood #Bliss." 

As soon as she shared the image, she started receiving backlash for enjoying in the pool while Chennai, where she lives with her family, is going through a severe water crisis for many weeks. 

 A fan wrote, “Sadly..People don’t understand the context..they take it in whichever way they want. Good decision...(SIC)” Another wrote, “Its not the duty of her to provide water to everyone, plz ask your MP and MLA for that.” One more user wrote, “Good Decision Mam....(SIC)”

Later, she deleted the photos from her social media pages, and tweeted, "Removed the pictures shared in good spirit from my #TravelDiaries considering the sensitivity around the current #WaterScarcity we are facing 🙏🏻. The throwback pics were to emphasise the importance for physical activities for children from a young age only 🙂🙏🏻 #LetsSaveWater" (SIC).

Here's the photo she had originally posted on her Instagram page. It is no longer available on her handle. However, we can see the image on Pinkvilla South's Instagram page. Take a look:

Soundarya had tied the knot with Vishagan on February 1 in Chennai. She was earlier married to industrialist Ashwin Ramkumar and has a son named Ved.