Bengaluru: South Indian actress Soundarya died 15 years ago. But the news that she was pregnant when she breathed her last in a helicopter crash has surprised her fans.

Soundarya was campaigning for BJP candidate in Andhra Pradesh when the helicopter she was travelling crashed and she died on April 17, 2004.

Soundarya was at the peak of her career when she joined BJP in the year 2004. Being a popular star in South India, she was travelling to Andhra Pradesh to campaign in Lok Sabha election in 2004, when the helicopter crashed near Bengaluru and her body was charred beyond recognition along with her brother Amaranath.

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Soundarya was married to a software engineer GS Raghu in 2003. According to reports in Suvarna News, 31-year-old Soundarya was seven-months pregnant when she died.

Soundarya was a popular actress and had received the National Film Award for Best Feature Film as producer for the Kannada film Dweepa in 2002. The movie was directed by Girish Kasaravalli. She received two Karnataka State Film Awards for Best Actress, several Filmfare Awards South and the Nandi Awards for her performances in films such as Ammoru (1994), Anthapuram (1998), Raja (1999), Dweepa (2002) and Aaptamitra (2004).   

She made her debut in Sandalwood with Gandharva movie in 1992. She had acted in over 120 movies in 12 years across South India.