Kerala: A 61-year-old Malayalam female-actor known for her role in a comic television serial has approached the Kerala Police and lodged a rape case against 37-year-old Siya.

In a recent report published in The Times Of India, a female-actor (name not mentioned) alleged that Siya, who hails from Ernakulam, befriended her over phone calls, and later tempted her by gifting a premium smartphone and other expensive gifts. Later, Siya showed his true colours and started threatening and sexually exploiting her on various occasions.

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In her complaint, the TV actor told the Kerala Police that Siya raped her at a hotel room in Thottapally and started exploiting her. She also alleged that Siya had made some intimate videos using his smartphone and sent it to her husband, neighbours and close family members.

The police have now filed an FIR in Kayamkulam and they have initiated the investigation. During the investigation, it was revealed that Siya is now working abroad.

A few days ago, intimate videos of the actress were shared widely on instant messengers like Whatsapp. As the actress has now lodged a case, people, who have watched the video, are claiming that the complaint is fabricated as the actress was seen enjoying private moments in the video. These people also claim that the young man in the video is not at all compelling her to indulge in sexual acts.

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In a statement given to TOI, the cop said, "He also recorded the sexual acts in his phone. She does not know the native place of the accused. First, he told her that he hailed from Malappuram. Later, he told her that he was a native of Ernakulam. The accused forwarded the intimate videos to his friends, her husband and relatives through WhatsApp after he went abroad." 

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However, when the news came out in public and especially on social media, some said that men are always becoming the victim even in the case of consensual sexual encounters. 

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According to a few social media users, the video of the incident clearly indicates that both the actress and the young man were engaging in sexual acts with mutual consent.

A few people said that the police should register a case against the man for leaking the video and not for rape. Also, some said, police should register a case against the female-actor for lodging a false rape complaint.