Chennai: Kollywood star Ajith Kumar is now celebrating his 48th birthday. The actor had once again impressed his fans and audience in his latest film Visvasam. We bring you facts about him that we bet you didn't know.

1) Ajith Kumar's love affair with former actress Heera Rajgopal

Ajith Kumar and Heera Rajgopal had sent everyone's tongue wagging back in the day. Ajith had even admitted to have been in a live-in relationship with her. However, things went downhill for Heera, who apparently took to substance abuse and the duo had to part ways. In an interview to a tabloid, long ago, Ajith had said that he had really liked her but everything changed because she didn't remain the same person. "In fact, she is a drug addict," said Ajith. Heera eventually married a businessman who passed away soon after. Ajith later fell in love with actor Shalini whom he ended up marrying. 


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2) Ajith's obsession to racing

Ajith had been passionate about racing since his childhood. He had also worked as an apprentice with Enfield and later became a car racer. He raced in circuits around the country and also in Germany and Malaysia. He is among the very few Indians, who have raced in International arena and in Formula championships.

3) Ajith was part of TV commercials

As with all stars such as Shah Rukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai, Ajith Kumar too was spotted on TV commercials before he hit the big screen. He was advertising for Miami Cushions, the music for which was given by AR Rahman. He had also starred in films as a child artist.


4) Ajith's voice was dubbed by Chiyan Vikram

Ajith was not so fluent with speaking Tamil in his initial days in the industry and his voice was dubbed by none other than Chiyan Vikram, who was himself a struggling artist at the time. Ajith's first film Amaravathi was dubbed by Vikram. The two later worked on the film Ullasam.


Chiyaan Vikram and Thala Ajith

5) Ajith had starred in Asoka with SRK

Shah Rukh Khan's Asoka, directed by Santosh Sivan, also saw Ajith Kumar essay the role of his evil younger step-brother. And guess what? Shah Rukh Khan had no idea of Ajith's stardom. SRK admitted that Ajith was simple and down to earth and had no airs of being such a huge star on the sets. 



MyNation wishes Thala Ajith a very happy 48th birthday!