Kerala: Malayalam singer Rimi Tomy and Royce Kizhakoodan filed the mutual divorce petition on April 14, 2019, close family sources revealed. The couple reportedly filed a joint petition for divorce before the Ernakulam Family Court on April 16. 


Rimi Tomy

Rimi Tomy tied the knot with Royce Kizhakoodan on April 27, 2008 in Thrissur. Royce is a businessman. The couple was considered the most envied and also the most loved pair in the Malayalam film industry and the news of their getting separated gave a real shock for the Mollywood audiences.



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Close sources to the family revealed that the couple filed the mutual divorce petition on April 14, 2019. It should be noted that Rimi Tomy and Royce Kizhakoodan were considered the most envied couple in the Malayalam film industry. This news would go down as a real shock to their fans.

As the couple has now filed a mutual divorce petition, it is expected that both of them will be separated in the next six months. Even though the news has been leaked online, neither Rimi nor Royce has reacted to this development.


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However, none of them have reacted to this news. If reports are to be believed of the mutual divorce petition, the couple will be expected to get separated in the next six months. 

As we scanned through her Instagram account, we have seen her posing with many people from Oommen Chandy to Innocent to Mohanlal to Manju Warrier but her husband Royce. It shows she is very active on social media and shares her day-to-day highlights. We can see she loves travelling and enjoys food. 



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According to IBtimes, the singer had not shared any pictures with her husband since May 2018, and it made many believe that something was not right with the couple.

Rimi Tomy entered the entertainment industry as a television anchor. However, her fame reached the skies when she rendered her voice for the hit number 'Chinga Maasam Vannu Chernnal' for the movie 'Meesa Madhavan' in 2002.


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Rimi began her career anchoring shows like Gaanaveedhi, Dum Dum Dum Pi Pi Pi and Music Live. Her ticket to fame was the Chingamaasam song in Dileep’s Meesa Madhavan. 

She now has over 50 songs to her credit. Rimi also remains a popular host, anchor and reality show judge in Kerala. 

She made her acting debut with the movie Balram VS Tharadas and later appeared in the lead role alongside Jayaram in the movie Thinkal Muthal Velli Vare.