Sudeep, who has worked across industries and languages, said when writers stop creating parts for an actor then it is a scary space to be in.

When asked if he is in his best phase as he is starring multi-lingual projects like "Pehlwaan", "SyeRaa Narasimha Reddy" and "Dabangg 3", the actor told reporters, "It's wonderful. As an actor what more do you want? It's not about the releases, or the numbers of languages.


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"The fact that many people across need you, want you. The day an actor is not required, the day no one is writing for you, is when you're actually dead... That's a very scary moment." 

Sudeep said he is happy that so many filmmakers across languages want to team up with him.

"Today, when so many people are writing for me, need me, I think there cannot be a better thing for an actor than this, that you're required, they call you, they want you. All you want to do is take a flight, go there and do what they want. It's beautiful." 

He was speaking at the trailer launch of his next, "Pehlwaan". The film, also starring Suniel Shetty, features Sudeep as a wrestler.Sudeep said the exchange of talent which is happening between several film industries is beautiful.


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"For me, it all started with 'Phoonk' around 2008 and then I landed a couple of more films and then came 'Makkhi'. But the phase cinema is going through right now is much bigger, brighter than my personal things.

"Too many interactions, give and take, export and import is happening. I guess I'm lucky.. The transition that's happening within fraternities is beautiful and I am lucky that I am here right now." 

Presented by Zee Stuidos, "Pehlwaan" is scheduled to release on September 12.