West Bengal ruling party Trinomool Congress, it seems, is not very sure about its stand on adivasis and their issues. Though Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has been very keen on appeasing the adivasi community, a recent move of her tells a completely different story. 

Banerjee is taking too much interest in transferring an English language teacher belonging to the adivasi community, who had a hard time making his position in the education sector. 

Robin Tudu not only teaches English in a school in west Mednipu’s Tenpur district, he is also a renowned leader of The Bharat Jakat Majhi Pargana Mahal. However, he was uprooted from the place and transferred to a school 105 km from his home. 

It was believed that the TMC government was taking revenge on Tudu for an allegation made by the opposition parties, claiming that the party had resorted to violence in Mednipur. 

West Bengal higher education department gave a circular saying that any teacher of government schools can be transferred on administrative grounds. The person is even expected to join the new school in 72 hours. Two teachers from Purulia have already been transferred. 

Tudu was given the notice on July 25 by the school administrative body, following which he requested for reconsideration as he has his ailing mother at home to take care of.

However, his plea fell on deaf ears and ultimately he approached the High Court with his concern. His transfer has been stalled for now. 

A few months back, Mamata Banerjee called Union Minister Maneka Gandhi  ‘anti-adivasi’ after she slammed the state for observing Shikar Utsav, where hundreds of wild animals are killed in drunken revelry. This year, a royal Bengal tiger was found killed by people.