New Delhi: While the arrest of five urban naxals was upheld by the Supreme Court on Friday, as it rejected the demand for an independent probe by a special investigation team (SIT), the apex court mentioned in its 2-1 majority verdict that the arrests had been made not on the basis of ideological differences and dissent.

MyNation brings to you the grave allegations and nefarious nature of what these urban naxals have been accused of. From penetrating the premier educational institutions of India to drafting gullible research students for ideological activities to paying for religious conversion of tribal people in the hinterland, the urban naxal activities have been aimed at overthrowing the democratic state as well as hatching plans to assassinate the Prime Minister of the country.

Plotting to kill PM Modi

In the course of the probe into the incidents of violence in Bhima-Koregaon on the new year’s eve, the police had run into evidence that suggested these alleged Maoists were hatching a plot to assassinate Prime Minister Narendra Modi following the style adopted by the LTTE to eliminate Rajiv Gandhi.

Converting adivasis

A letter intercepted by the Pune police during its operation against urban naxals revealed how they were helping their comrades in jungles to help Christian missionaries convert poor and unsuspecting tribal people to Christianity in Jharkhand.

“For the last many years, we have been working with Ranchi Jesuit Society,” wrote one Vijayan Dada to one SS in an intercepted letter, “in furthering the cause of Christianity through serving the most poor and disadvantaged sections of society.” “Surendra is also continuously supporting (sic) as per his financial capability,” the letter reads. Surendra, the police say, is Surendra Gadling.

The naxals, the letter reveals, are going far and wide to organise prayer meetings: “Many of our brothers and sisters are reaching out to the tribals (sic) across the State, helping them in various ways (food, medicine etc) Peter Martin, Antony Puthumattathil, Xavier Soreng and Maria Louis organise regular preachings to enlighten the tribals (sic)…”

The naxal masterminds have grown jittery of the Jharkhand Freedom of Religion Act 2017 — so much so, they planned to abduct BJP leaders to get the legislation annulled!

The same letter read: “While all of this sounds promising there are new challenges that seriously affect our agenda. One such problem is the new anti-conversion bill (disguised as freedom of religion) passed by the state assembly. We can foresee the terrible implications that it is going to have on our missionaries. It is a matter of grave concern. On the ground level there must be some action from your side to capture senior leaders of ruling BJP in the state and demand that the oppressive laws be done with,” the letter said.

Indoctrination by penetration in academia

Several urban naxals, who had hitherto been masquerading as rights activists and poets, control a nexus between university professors from across India and forces conspiring against the nation.

In another correspondence between naxals, one gets the impression that left-leaning teachers from various varsities of India, who formed fact-finding missions or teams to probe instances of ‘right-wing excesses’ or ‘tyranny of the state’, were paid money by the naxal movement.

In the letter accessed by MyNation, comrade Surendra, who in the naxal correspondences is revealed to be a close associate of arrested urban naxal Varavara Rao, apparently talks about passing on funds received from Rao for several disruptive and violent activities. One such purpose of the money looks to be paying professors at different colleges and universities, from Delhi to Hyderabad.

Indian Army their 'enemy'

Self-styled trade union leader Sudha Bharadwaj, who has been operating in the Maoist-infested areas of Chhattisgarh for 29 years, reportedly wrote to a comrade following the conviction of Sai Baba, despairing about the low morale of the left-wing extremist cadre.

MyNation accessed the letter purportedly written to a certain Prakash by Bharadwaj who, along with other Maoist sympathisers, were arrested on August 28 in a nationwide crackdown on seditious elements by Pune Police that is investigating the Bhima-Koregaon violence of December 31, 2017.

One of the most incriminating parts of the letter is the passage where Bharadwaj allegedly refers to the Indian Army as the “enemy”, accusing it of violating human rights of terrorists — who are merely “algavwadi” (separatists) to her — in Jammu and Kashmir.

In this paragraph of the alleged letter by Bharadwaj, Gautam Navlakha, another urban naxal arrested by Pune Police on August 28, is named. According to the letter, Navlakha was in touch with those fighting the Indian state in Kashmir.