New Delhi: The Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi's husband Robert Vadra alleged that he is facing a lot of troubles by the investigating agencies. He has shared the alleged pain of the inquiry being conducted by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) through a social media post. The ED had questioned Vadra over the Bikaner land deal in Rajasthan which he mentioned to be a case of harassment. Recently, after this, Vadra was seen in a ‘Shiva Bhakta’ incarnation. 

In a post on Facebook, Vadra said, "Tireless persecution! I have nothing to hide and I am definitely not above the law. I was questioned for about 8 to 12 hours for about 6 days. During this, I was questioned in a 40-minute lunch break. Even when I went to the washroom, I was monitored."

He further wrote, "Whenever I was called for questioning in any corner of the country, I cooperated and followed the rules completely. I am being questioned more than any other person."

He said, "My workplace, my office and other areas have been kept under the supervision of the investigating agencies. This shows the misuse of the law. It is a complete sense of revenge. When the truth is clear like water, then I feel that forgiveness is something that is adequate. My determination will stand firm for justice." 

In the meanwhile, the ED has occupied a property worth Rs 4.62 crore from a company of Vadra. The agency said, "In the properties of the holdings, movable assets worth Rs 18,559,500 of four people and Robert Vadra's company, M/S Sky Light Hospitality (Private) Limited (now LLP), owned by an Indian firm worth Rs 4,43,36,550. The property, which is located in 268 New Delhi, is located at Sukhdev Vihar."

The ED filed a criminal case in connection with the deal in 2015. The Tehsildar of Bikaner had complained about the alleged fraud in the allocation of land in the area, after which the Rajasthan Police filed the FIR and charge sheets. This area is considered to be sensitive due to being close to the India-Pakistan border.