In a surprise development, the Rajya Sabha secretariat has decided to expunge remarks made by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi against BK Hariprasad, the opposition’s candidate for the post of Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman, on Thursday.

In a comment that many in the opposition bench construed as hitting below the belt, PM Modi in Rajya Sabha said the prestige battle was between two leaders with 'Hari' in their names. But it was what he said after a pause that created ripples. He said, “But one is BK (in Hindi bikey meaning sold), the other is not.”

While the treasury bench took it as humour that should have a place in politics, BK Hari Prasad was clearly offended. He hit back saying, "The Prime Minister belittled the dignity of the chair and brought down the dignity of the House."

This is probably the first time a Prime Minister’s comment is expunged from the records.

It was a closely-fought battle where the BJP didn’t have a majority in the house but managed to shock Congress with its win, with 125 seats with a backing of the BJD.

The Aam Admi Party (AAP) and Jagan’s YSRCP abstained from the election that helped NDA sail through.