Bhopal/New Delhi: In what the BJP dubbed as the biggest volunteers or karyakarta conclave in the world, attended by over 10 lakh workers of the party in Bhopal, the capital of poll-bound Madhya Pradesh (MP), Prime Minister Narendra Modi was seen once again at his campaigning best.

The Prime Minister launched a blistering attack on the opposition, especially the Congress, and enthused the workers with a pep talk.

What Narendra Modi said:

1.      This is called the karyakarta-kumbh or the sea of workers. I can see enthused lakhs of people as far as I can see. We are so blessed. We must have done some great acts in past life that we have received the chance to serve Mother India by being BJP workers. People with bad intentions never get such good luck.

2.      It is a matter of pride that we have governments in 19 states, but a bigger distinction is being the biggest political party in the world. And what pride can be bigger than being part of this party. Today is the birth anniversary of Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay. Perhaps we are the only party in the world, the ideology of which can be summed up in a word — ‘Ekatma Manavavada’ (Integral Humanism). I have never come across a party in the world that carries the burden of humanity on its shoulders. We alone are working politically for humanism.

3.      This land is the one that gave birth to such a political life as Atal Bihari Vajpayee who dedicated his life to the cause of ‘one life, one mission’ and raised India’s esteem in the comity of nations. He is not with us today. We are indebted to Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya, Syama Prasad Mookerjee, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Rajmata (Vijaya Raje) Scindia, those who died for the organisation, those who do not fear for their lives in Kerala, West Bengal or Jammu and Kashmir.

4.      Post-Independence India cannot forget three great men: Gandhi, Ram Manohar Lohia and Deendayal Upadhyaya. These three great men worked for the welfare of the people, for the last person in the ladder, for those who were left behind in the race of development — and thus guided India. Those currently doing political work in India have been hallowed in the ideology of one of these three great men. We are fortunate that we accept Gandhi, Lohia as well as Upadhyaya. Because we believe in social justice. ‘sabka saath sabka vikas’ is not just an election slogan, but this is our path for a bright future of India, for fulfilment of the welfare of Indians.

5.      The politics of vote-bank has hollowed our society like a mite. A devastation ensued in the 70 years of Independence. If we have to save the country, we need to rid the country of this mite and this is our special responsibility. Leaders and parties got hold of particular groups and tried to win elections riding the support of those small groups alone. They would not think of all, never answer to all, but save their chairs and power. They committed the sin to tear the fabric of India and push India to devastation; then came sabka saath, sab ka vikas.

6.      Though Madhya Pradesh has given the BJP a chance to serve it, the people must also be aware of the problems facing the party. When the UPA was in power at the Centre, they nurtured enmity not just with the BJP governments in states, such as Madhya Pradesh, but also with the people of these states. Delhi (the central government) used to feel proud in derailing the work of BJP-run state governments. The leaders used to steer clear of greeting us; even bureaucrats did not do anything for states. The idea was to alienate people from BJP governments and throw them out of power. Now, should such people be punished or not? Should they be floored in the elections or not? This is the first opportunity to punish them for their sins.

7.      What happened to a party that ruled for over 50 years, which has hundreds of former ministers, governors, MPs and MLAs, that they have to go around the country with a microscope to see if it is left anywhere?

8.      The Congress must do self-assessment. Despite such defeats, ‘you are incorrigible’. We also faced defeats. But we did not blame the EVM machines to save our skin. After defeat, we looked within. We were determined to win the faith and trust of people again. And today the people have put their trust in us. They have been reduced from 444 to 44 and yet are not ready for self-assessment. This is due to their arrogance that ‘these high seats of power are reserved for us’. A small tea seller, a son of a humble mother such as Shivraj Singh (Chouhan) or Yogi ji (Adityanath) cannot sit on these seats. Only those who have a dynastic right over these seats can don them. Do you accept this in democracy?

9.      The Congress’ gathbandhan is born out of a fear of loss; not out of a vision for the welfare of the country. Had the BJP government of Shivraj Singh Chouhan or Raman Singh not been successful, the Congress would not have gone to touch the feet of small parties, given their arrogance. This is what the 125-year old party has been reduced to; they are looking for certificates from small parties. Had they worked for the country when they got a chance, today they would not have to sit in the laps of smaller parties neither did they need to adopt them. If they are hell bent on going down the drain, who are we to weep?

10.  Today India is making a place for itself in the world. The world is feeling the might of India. I am here to tell you as elections are near that we don’t fight elections by the power of money but that of people. And this power is wielded by our workers. And thus our mantra is ‘mera booth sabse mazboot’ (my booth is the strongest). If lakhs of BJP workers continue with this same mantra, in the face of hurricanes of money and caste-equations, this is the only way to success.

11.  The divide between backwards and forwards is not going to do good to the country and it is BJP’s responsibility to end this.

12.  Even in Islamic countries the practice of triple talaq is not followed. But in this country, owing to vote-bank politics, a party that is led by a woman takes a stand against the women reeling under this (the religious regime).

13.  The Congress is not able to form alliances in India. Even if they meet somebody, partnership looks untenable. This is why alliances are being sought outside India. Now some foreign countries will decide who will be the prime minister of India! What has happened to Congress? After losing power, have they lost balance too? Power comes and goes, but something should be left of a 125-year-old party, but nothing is left.

14.   It is very easy to throw muck on us. But, let me assure you, the more they throw muck on us, the more the lotus will bloom.