On the World Population Day popular condom-maker Durex has launched a brand new campaign based on 'superheroes' on social media for the Indian market on Wednesday. As expected, Twitter went crazy.

Celebrating this year’s theme— ‘Family Planning is a Human right’—Durex shows a superhero wearing a condom and holding the collars exactly like DC Comics’ Superman to drive home the message: ‘Not all superheroes wear capes, some wear condoms.’

This is not the first time that Durex has garnered the attention of internet users with their witty posts.

A month back, the brand had made ripples in online marketing with the sex position 69, as it launched a condom line at an all-time low cost of Rs 69.

The brand also roped in Ranveer Singh for endorsement and their ads are often known for being bold, with catchy jingles.

Here’s how twitter reacted to the ‘Superhero’ post: