New Delhi: After MyNation reported first that Kerala police in a Gestapo-style action allegedly thrashed three minor children in Thiruvananthapuram while trying to arrest their father, who is accused of opposing the Supreme Court verdict on Sabarimala, India’s apex child rights body on Thursday issued a notice to the district administration.
The eldest of the three, a six-year-old girl, had moved the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) on November 12. The youngest to be roughed up by the police, according to the minor’s complaint, is her seven-month-old sister, while the third is her four-year-old brother.
NCPCR chief Priyank Kanoongo told MyNation that the commission had taken cognisance of the complaint. “We initiated action as soon as the complaint was received. We have asked the district administration of Thiruvananthapuram to record the statements of the kids and send it to us for examination within seven days. After going through their testimonies we shall take appropriate action against the culprits,” Kanoongo said.
While MyNation has the heart-rending complaint, but the name of the complainant has been withheld for her security and safety.
On November 8, according to the complaint, “… about 30 police personnel along with Palode Police Station under Trivandrum district police barged into our house after 9.30PM in the night. They mercilessly beat up my father (36 years) and my mother. When we all three kids rush to save my father and mother from police; the police used abusive language against us, slapped and kicked us in stomach.”
The eldest of the siblings recalled in her complaint how the police “snatched my infant sister (Age 7 month ) from my mother’s lap while screaming. My mother begged to police not to touch and harm that baby, but they tried to take her away.”
“When my younger brother (4 years) ran towards my father being beaten up by police, they kicked him and slapped again,” the child has told NCPCR.
The minor girl said that while the police destroyed all the household furniture and arrested the father, “they left our house leaving behind my bleeding mother and we three siblings in great psychological trauma. Me and my brother still living under fear to recall police beating my father and mother.”
The minor complainant has requested that NCPCR send a “special team to investigate the matter and to lodge FIR against all police officers involved in this incidence. Timely and harsh action by NCPCR will help to avoid future atrocities by state police.”