Nimisha, a 19-year-old undergraduate was killed by a migrant worker in Perumbavoor for resisting robbery. Odisha native Biju who killed Nimisha by slitting her neck has confessed his crime to the Kerala police. 

Biju was snatching chain from Nimisha's grandmother when Nimisha tried to prevent him from doing so. He told the police that the murder was committed because she tried to foil his robbery attempt.

The migrant worker killed Nimisha around 10.30 am today (30 July) at Idathikkad in Vazhakulam. Nimisha's father Thampi and his brother Eliyas were also injured when they tried to prevent the brutal attack.

The labourers working near Nimisha's house rushed to the spot hearing the cries. They then took Nimisha to the hospital but unfortunately, the girl died soon after reaching the hospital. Meanwhile, the residents immediately caught Biju and handed him over to the police.

The team under Rural SP Rahul S Raj is questioning Biju. Police said that the accused was in an inebriated state while committing the crime. Biju was working in a plywood company and was residing near Nimisha’s house. 

Residents also allege that migrant workers don't have sufficient work during the rainy season, so they get into illegal activities like robbery to make money. 

This incident is similar to the murder of a law student who was brutally killed inside her house two years ago. Perumbavoor is a place known for plywood companies and a large number of migrants work and reside here.