New Delhi: The BJP-led NDA government that called an all-party meeting to discuss the situation in the aftermath of the horrific mass murder of at least 40 CRPF personnel in Jammu and Kashmir's Pulwama ended with a three-point resolution.

1. The all-party meeting strongly condemned the act of terror in Pulwama that shook the nation. The resolution on the CRPF’s martyrs read, “We, along (with) our countrymen, stand with their families in this hour of grief.”

2. The all-party meeting not only condemned the horrific act but also terrorism in “all forms” and the “support being given to it from across the border”. Without naming Pakistan, it was a strong message to the warring neighbour by a united India.

3. Remembering how India has traditionally been a victim of terror emanating from across the border, it said," Of late, terrorism in India is being actively encouraged by the forces across the border. India has displayed both firmness and resilience in dealing with these challenges."

Putting up a united front, the resolution further read, “The entire nation speaks in one voice to express its determination to fight these challenges. We stand united in solidarity with our security forces in fighting terrorism and in defending the unity and integrity of India.”

The message is loud and clear: when it comes to securing India, the political differences and bickering take backstage and the entire political class stands united.