New Delhi: Lalu Prasad Yadav is a man of many shades. A mass leader, having graduated in politics from the university of student agitations under Jayaprakash Narayan, he went on to preside over what has come to be known as the Dark Ages of Bihar.

Having once become a legend of sorts as IIM Ahmedabad invited him to teach a management course, Yadav’s chequered and tainted past caught up with him finally as did the labels of corruption, nepotism, dynasticism and casteism. 

As the extension of Yadav’s bail was denied by a special CBI court in Ranchi and he surrendered on Thursday, having been out on medical reasons, let us see how many times he went behind bars.

1.     His first cameo in jail was rather one of those factors that established his political career. The first time he went to jail was in 1975 during emergency imposed by former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. He was a student leader participating in the JP Movement.

2.     After being catapulted to the position of Bihar's chief minister riding on his Muslim-Yadava combination, he got embroiled in the Fodder Scam and was jailed again in 1997. This time he was in judicial custody for 137 days.

3.     Once more he had to go to jail in connection with the Fodder Scam. This time he was lodged in Beur Jail.

4.     Once again he was jailed in 2000. This was his shortest tryst with jail time. He was arrested on November 28 but was bailed out in 24 hours.

5.     Meanwhile, the cases relating to the Fodder Scam were being heard and on 2013 he was convicted and sentenced in 2013. He was sent to the Birsa Munda Jail in Ranchi, Jharkhand. He received relief from the Supreme Court and was released on December 13.

6.     Once again he was convicted in one of the cases pertaining to the Fodder Scam and he was again sent to the Birsa Munda Jail in 2017.

7.     Thereafter Yadav was released on bail for attending his son’s marriage. He wanted his bail to be extended for another three months, which was refused.

Yadav and his son Tejashwi Yadav were trolled on social media after some of his pics in which he was lying in the hospital bed without any medical equipment went viral. His ‘excuses’ were ostensibly ‘exposed’.