Pathanamthitta: The Thazhamon thantri family has taken opposition to Ayyappa Dharma Sena president Rahul Easwar’s plans to spill blood at the Sannidhanam.

Rahul had claimed that 20 Lord Ayyappa devotees, who were opposing the entry of women in the age group of 10 to 50, were ready to cause knife injuries on themselves on the temple premises to force the priests to close the Sabarimala temple.

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In a media statement issued on Sunday, the thantris of Thazhamon Madhom said, “We have come to see that Rahul’s statements and reports are passed on as the opinions of Sabarimala Thantri family. But these are wrong impressions that have spread misunderstanding among people. Legally, he has no relation with Sabarimala Thantri family or customs and traditional rites in the Sabarimala temple. Rahul also doesn’t enjoy any right to inherit the present duties of the Thantri family. We also disagree with his opinions on diluting the purity of Sannidhanam.”

The thantri family also said that the comments made by chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan had thoroughly pained them.

Vijayan, on October 23, in a press meet, said that he cannot agree with the thantri's decision of closing the Sabarimala temple. Vijayan also said a thantri doesn't have any rights to take any such decision. "A thantri can only take decisions on pujas of the temple," he added.

“We have no differences with the government or Devaswom board and the chief minister might have made such comments due to some misunderstanding. We wish to retain Sannidhanam as the home of peace and bhakti. Nothing hateful should happen there. All people should cooperate to preserve the purity of Ayyappa Sannidanam,” the thantris of Thazhamon Madhom said.

Rahul commented on this statement and said that the accusations against him are “incredibly wrong”. Rahul alleged that the thantris of Thazhamon Madhom are afraid of a certain people and so they are making such false statements.

He doubted that the thantris of Thazhamon Madhom are afraid of chief minister Vijayan. He also said as an Ayyappa devotee he will be at Sabarimala on November 5 and he won't allow women’s entry into the shrine.