Kerala flood has united the entire nation as people from all walks of life, have made donations to rescue affected citizens. Not only celebrities and politicians, but recently, even sex workers from Maharashtra came together to raise funds for the Southern State's flood victims. They successfully collected Rs 21,000 and they are all set to raise the money up to a lakh by the end of this month. 

Dipak Buram of the city-based NGO, Snehalaya confirmed that the workers are determined to collect up to Rs 1 lakh by the end of August. This is not the first time when the sex workers have made this novel gesture. They have always come forward to help those affected by natural calamities in the past as well. 

Buram said that they had donated Rs 1 lakh to the flood victims in Chennai too during the 2014 floods. He further added that the group of sex workers have so far donated Rs 27 lakhs for multiple causes including the earthquake in Gujarat (2001), tsunami (2004), Kashmir and Bihar floods.