Kanwariyas’ vandalism in west Delhi’s Moti Nagar area on Thursday (9 August) was triggered by some miscreants who spread rumours that a car driver had brutally attacked a Kanwariya.

Delhi police have claimed that the situation got worse when a group of two to three Kanwariyas added fuel and claimed a Kanwariya had died after a car driver assaulted him and the driver fled leaving the vehicle on the spot.

According to the cops, one of the main accused, 26-year-old Rahul, arrested by the Delhi police on Thursday, was with the group of Kanwariyas who vandalised the vehicle. He told the police that some Kanwariyas set off rumours that a car hit one of the members of their group and the driver assaulted him as well. When some Kanwariyas reached the spot they found a Kanwariya bleeding.

“Kanwariyas who gathered there thought that Kanwariya who was bleeding profusely was thrashed by the car driver. But, the reason was different. He was bleeding because he suffered injuries after smashing his hand on the glass window of the car,” a police officer involved in the investigation told MyNation.

Vijay Kumar, DCP, west Delhi, also confirmed that the incident was triggered by someone who spread the rumour about alleged thrashing.

"Rahul has claimed that someone spread the rumour that a Kanwariya was seriously injured after a car hit him," Kumar said.

According to police sources, while Kanwariyas were figuring out what exactly happened, a group of two to three Kanwariyas told others walking towards Moti Nagar that one of the members of their group who was hit by the car had died.

“After hearing this, all Kanwariyas immediately reached to the spot and started damaging the car with a presumption that this car has killed one Kanwariya,” a police official said.

Police who arrested Rahul are also claiming that the accused has a criminal background and is involved in a house theft case. This was Rahul’s ninth year in participating Kanwar Yatra. He is a labour and a resident of Uttam Nagar, west Delhi.