New Delhi: As was suggested in the investigations into the Pathalgarhi movement in Jharkhand, a nefarious nexus is working in the State, bringing together naxalism and religious conversion in a marriage of convenience to destabilise the Indian state. Moreover, the naxals plan to abduct BJP leaders!

According to one of the letters seized by Pune Police while it arrested several urban naxals, the so-called revolutionaries were engaged in converting unsuspecting tribal people to Christianity using missionary organisations. The naxals are, as per the intercepted communication, also funding the process.

“For the last many years, we have been working with Ranchi Jesuit Society,” wrote one Vijayan Dada to one SS in an intercepted letter, “in furthering the cause of Christianity through serving the most poor and disadvantaged sections of society.”

“Surendra is also continuously supporting (sic) as per his financial capability,” the letter reads. Surendra, the police say, is Surendra Gadling.

The naxals, the letter reveals, are going far and wide to organise prayer meetings: “Many of our brothers and sisters are reaching out to the tribals (sic) across the State, helping them in various ways (food, medicine etc) Peter Martin, Antony Puthumattathil, Xavier Soreng and Maria Louis organise regular preachings to enlighten the tribals (sic)…”

“The role of Christian missions is very important in mobilising the Adivasis to defend their democratic rights. Christian missionaries, especially in Jharkhand, have led various struggles against land acquisition, exploitation of mineral resources and injustice prevalent in the state. Through these efforts we can confidently say at least 25% tribals have accepted the path of Jesus Christ in the last five years. Our mission is also in line with the party’s directions…” reads the intercepted letter, exposing the collusion between evangelists and naxals.

The naxal masterminds, however, have grown jittery of the Jharkhand Freedom of Religion Act 2017 — so much so, they have planned to abduct BJP leaders to get the legislation annulled!

“While all of this sounds promising there are new challenges that seriously affect our agenda. One such problem is the new anti-conversion bill (disguised as freedom of religion) passed by the state assembly. We can foresee the terrible implications that it is going to have on our missionaries. It is a matter of grave concern. On the ground level there must be some action from your side to capture senior leaders of ruling BJP in the state and demand that the oppressive laws be done with,” the letter said.