Reasi: Local Muslim families in the Kakryal area of Reasi district reportedly refused to give space to bury three slain terrorists, believed to be Pakistan nationals, in their graveyards, who were killed in a daylong gun battle on September 13.

Sources said three terrorists of the Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) outfit were gunned down after a fierce gunbattle erupted last week at Dirthi village in the Kakryal area. 

According to the local authorities, the bodies of the terrorists were kept in the mortuary of a hospital for the past five days. “The police administration earlier tried to bury these terrorists in the nearby graveyards but the families in the area strongly opposed the move fearing a backlash,” SSP Riyasi Nisha Nathyal told MyNation

He added that due to the opposition of people, the local administration buried all of the bodies in an undisclosed location on September 17.

A local resident said that the families feel that the cemeteries had no space for terrorists, who have no religion. “Islam doesn’t support the ideology followed by terrorists. They are not only enemies of Islam but of all humankind,” he added. 

This is not the first time that local Muslims have refused to bury terrorists in their graveyards. Earlier bodies of terrorists involved in the Nagrota (November 2016) and Sunjwan (February 2018) terror attacks were also buried at undisclosed locations. Around six years ago, former Imam of Reasi had refused to perform “namaz-e-janaza” of two Pakistan terrorists killed six years ago.

Applauding the move by the locals, BJP state head Ravinder Raina said the families have put the nation first over religious sentiments. Speaking to the MyNation team, Raina said Islam doesn’t support bloodshed and terrorism. “I am glad the families took this step and have set  an example for all others in terms of nationalism and humanity”.