At a time when Pakistan-backed terror groups have failed to carry out any major terror attack in last four years, Indian intelligence agencies have gathered that the notorious Inter-Services Intelligence of Pakistan is training Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorists to carry out attacks on country’s maritime assets which could be a naval base or warship or oil platforms in the sea.

According to a multi-agency report, the Pakistani agencies are trying to carry out an attack something similar to the 26/11 attacks where terrorists had used the sea route to enter Mumbai and launch a three-day attack on major centres across the city using merely ten highly-trained terrorists.

“As per the intelligence report, the ISI has prepared a team of selected Jaish terrorists who are Pakistanis and is training them at a facility in Pakistan’s Bahawalpur where they are especially being trained for maritime attacks. They are being made to undergo deep diving training at water bodies there,” the sources said.

It has also been learnt that former elements of the Pakistani Special Forces Special Services Group naval wing have also been roped in by the agency to carry out its tasks.
Jaish-e-Mohammed has been seen as one of the most radical groups in Pakistan under the leadership of India’s most wanted terrorist Masood Azhar who has mostly been unsuccessfully trying to launch terror attacks on Indian targets.

His major plan to target India’s air bases failed when he sent a group of four to six terrorists who sneaked into the Pathankot air base on January 1 of 2016 but even before they could cause any serious damage, the National Security Guards and the Garud commandos of the Air Force eliminated them in joint operations which ran over three days.