New Delhi: The Delhi Police are searching for Ashish Pandey who brandished a gun at a couple at Hotel Hyatt here on October 14.

The police have also asked four of his friends including one woman to join the investigation. According to the police, Ashish was in touch with them and they may have helped him in escaping.

The police are also claiming that a few female friends who were with Ashish when the incident happened might be foreign nationals and it is possible that they may have left the country.

However, the claims by the police are based on the statement given by Saahil, Ashish's friend, who was interrogated on Tuesday.

So far, the male friends of Ashish have joined the investigation and the police are waiting for a female friend. She has been contacted and has not yet given confirmation of joining the investigation.

Meanwhile, Delhi Police are suspecting that Ashish is getting support from some locals in Uttar Pradesh to hide. Sources say that someone in Uttar Pradesh Police is also helping Ashish.

A video of a man brandishing a gun, threatening a couple in the foyer of Hotel Hyatt surfaced on Tuesday morning.

The man in the video was identified as Ashish, brother of sitting BSP MLA Ritesh Pandey and son of a former Member of Parliament.

According to the investigation, a scuffle started after three women, accompanied by Ashish, saw a man inside the hotel’s women’s washroom, identified as Gaurav Singh.

According to Gaurav, he was trying to help his friend who was not well. The women allegedly called Gaurav a transgender which triggered a verbal altercation. Later, Ashish brandished a foreign-made gun and threatened Gaurav.